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5 Interior Design tips for Offices

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

You found your perfect new office space!

Whether it's still in planning, just finished or ready to move in, we all want the final result to be a productive workspace that is also fun to work in.

Achieving this goal is possible by combining various and important elements that bring the final design together.

“Choose different elements that work in the company, such as the company's services, branding colours and logo to help add design and feel to the space."

As an example here are some quick wins to consider;


Using light colored surfaces on the tables, for instance, will bring out the colour of the floor, and will also give a feel of a clean and tidy office.


Check if the room has enough artificial lighting, especially if regular office hours include working during the evening or at night.

In Israel we have a lot of sunlight throughout the year which will give us the feel of enough light when there isn't.

Usually it is good to add additional lighting above the desk in an office, or in the middle of a table in a conference room.

The light colour is also very important for the work and feel in the offices.

Check the different colours of the light in the table below:

Featured Wall

Choose one wall or column in the office space that you want to highlight.

Try painting it, adding a wall decal or use wallpaper to give it texture and make it stand out.

Tidy & Organise Office

A tidy office will keep your mind focused on your work and keep you productive.

Keep all your things transparent and organised, to keep you minded on work.


Keeping a tidy and organised office can be achieved using office accessories. Keep in mind to do this in measure and not to overdo the accessories otherwise the space will appear to be cluttered.

These accessories can range from using old metal boxes for stationary or boxes for storage.

Add a pinboard or magnetic board to keep all your ideas together in one area. Pick one theme that combines the accessories to create a cohesive look throughout the office.

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